Bookhout Funeral Home
Bookhout Funeral Home

Tom taught Science and Health for 17 years at Milford Central School. He was also a Shooting instructor for the National Shooting Sports Foundation for men and women. During his tenure at Milford School, Tom was very active in coaching basketball and other sports teams.

He was an avid fisherman he also loved to hunt and was a true outdoorsman. who taught and passed on his skills to his wife, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Tom continued to do all of these activities even when confronted by Muscular Dystrophy in his early 30’s. He always remained positive and upbeat and always managed to be a sharp dressed man no matter what the occasion. the Santa Clause of his household. Sharing his inner joy and the love of life. Tom shared his inner strength for God and his country. He lived life to the fullest.

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