Bassett Healthcare Network is moving to a new operational model that means a system-wide transformation and job cuts. According to a press release, officials have the following to say about this new operating model, known as OneBassett:

Under the OneBassett operating model, traditional boundaries
that prevented system-wide collaboration no longer exist.
Network clinical and non-clinical services will be standardized
across the system to eliminate variation and improve quality,
performance and productivity.
"OneBassett is the road map that will get us to our future
state,” says Ibrahim. “It provides the structure for how we will
work together and foster the necessary cultural shift and
shared accountability for the patient’s journey through the care
continuum. Ultimately, we will more effectively engage our
entire workforce in Bassett’s mission to improve the health of
patients and the well-being of the communities we serve.”

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Essentially, OneBassett will allow the network to move away from hospital-centric decision-making to a system focused on the continuum of care, no matter where that care is delivered.

The reorganization results in the elimination of over a dozen leadership positions with more than 40 to be cut by March of 2021. To learn more about OneBassett click here.

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