Education in New York State is a hot topic these days and we've all been hearing the buzz about the Common Core Curriculum, state testing, and teacher evaluations.  It seems like every other month there's a local public forum on education to provide us all with information on what the education issues are and how to address it.  But do we really have ALL the information we need as parents to figure out all these changes in our kids' schools? 

According to Dr. Carol Mikoda, a retired public school teacher of 23 years, and now an Educator of Education on the college level at Broome Community College and SUNY Oneonta, most of us don't realize one very important piece to this giant education puzzle: who is really making the decisions that affect our schools?  The Board of Regents does, not the State Education Department as many believe.

Mikoda, in opposition to Common Core, is vying for one of four open spots on the Board of Regents.  It's an appointed position.  Often, incumbents are re-appointed, but Mikoda explains with all the controversy going on right now, 22 candidates are vying for those four spots.She talked with me about what the Board of Regents does and why she wants one of the open board positions, but also explains what concerned community members can do to affect change in NY public education.  Listen below.