My wife and I are just getting ready to head to SUNY Canton for a weekend with Abby, our daughter who is a freshman there.  Driving through rural N.Y. I am always amazed at what  an economic engine the State University of New York system is in these rural towns and village.

Think for a minute about the population of some of these campus towns.  SUNY Delhi (Delhi, 5,117), SUNY Canton (Canton, 6,314), SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville, 1,545), SUNY New Paltz (6,501) and others.

I often wonder what the reasoning was that SUNY put these campuses in such rural parts of the state.  I am not complaining.  Think of the jobs, both in academia and in support staff that are provided in these colleges.  Imagine Oneonta without 2 colleges, or what would Cobleskill (population 6,300) be like without its SUNY?

Yes, whenever we head up to see Abby at SUNY Canton I always feel like I am driving through SUNYLAND!