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New Upstate Casino Locations Are Chosen…and the Winners Are?
The Casino Choice Commission was expected to announce that four new casino sites in Upstate New York would be announced today.  Instead they announced there would only be three licensed casinos allowed.
The winners are Seneca County (Tyre), Schenectady County (the Mohawk Rivers Casino in the cit…
A Fun Look at “International” Upstate New York!
Upstate New York is more international than we think!
I was recently looking through a map of the area and a few "country" names jumped out at me.  Have you visited these "international" Upstate New York towns and villages?
BELGIUM, NY (Onondaga County)
CUBA (Chautauqua County)
Is This a Disappearing Upstate New York Tradition?
"In the old days" this was a familiar sight on the back roads of our listening area.
Long before I-88 took us off the less traveled roads, this was a sight that you could come upon at virtually any hour of the day (especially, if I remember it correctly, on NY Rt...
‘Where In The World Is Big Chuck?’
This building has been around since before the Revolutionary War.  Today it is a classy eaterie.  Ask a waitress about the time a famous general "turned his coat" here and ended up spending a long time in a jail cell because of it.
Distance from Oneonta about one hour…
Do You Remember Downtown Oneonta, 1955?
I love this old 1955 photo of Downtown Oneonta!  Look at the old businesses, the old Bresees facade, the shoppers on the street, those big neon overhanging street lamps, and especially those great old cars!  I mean, you gotta love that great convertible in the forefront...
Sharon Springs Was “Fabulous” For Harvest Festival!
Sunday was a great final day of the ever-growing Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs.  Thousands make their way to this tiny hamlet of 500 residents every year for one of the greatest Fall Festivals of the Upstate region.  My wife and I joined the crowd again this year.