Everybody has a Super Bowl day tradition.  In our house it is all about the...crock pots!

My wife is a great cook and she loves her crock pots, which she has had a lot longer than she has had me!

Small weenies in a barbecue sauce  mini-meatballs in a Asian-flavored sauce, turkey chili and some slow cooked pulled pork will all be lined up for family and friends to sample.

Usually the game is on in the background for the entire roll out starting at noon.  Guests will arrive at around 3 and cold ones will be uncapped and bread will be removed from the oven immediately.  We will pass around a pool to add some spice to the event.  At kick-off we will all gather around the TV for the singing of the national anthem (which is usually awful, lip-synced or not) and then some more cold ones will be uncapped as the game begins.

As the game inches toward halftime, desserts magically appear.  Usually from the "Brownie family." Ice cream is scooped and desserts are enjoyed.  At this point a lot of folks will start to disappear since Monday is a work day.

When everyone is gone, and the third quarter begins, Trish and I look around and survey the damage and then head to bed.  We will do the clean up in the morning.

Oh and as for the end of the game?  I haven't seen the end of a Super Bowl in fifteen years!

How about you?  Any Super Bowl traditions in your house?