Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Most programs at the Greater Binghamton Health Center will remain open. 

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that psychiatric hospitals in Northern New York and the Southern Tier will continue to offer adult and children programs but the Binghamton, Elmira and St. Lawrence centers will each close one adult ward.

State officials say the Binghamton center will maintain 60 adult beds and 16 community beds while adding 60 community residential beds.

The Elmira center will keep 18 children’s bed, 48 adult beds and 48 community residential beds.

The center in Ogdensburg will keep 68 beds and add 50 community residential beds.

New York Senator Thomas Libous, who has been pushing for keeping the programs at the Greater Binghamton Health Center and the Broome Developmental Center open, praised the retention of programs at the Health Center, calling Cuomo: “a real friend to the Southern Tier.”

But the Binghamton Republican says he is still concerned that there has been no movement on the planned closing of the Broome Developmental Center.

Libous says the closing of the center on Glenwood Road would jeopardize over 600 jobs and send many “fragile or dangerous individuals into the community.”

Broome County Executive Debra Preston issued a statement thanking the Governor for reconsidering the closure of the Greater Binghamton Health Center, saying the move saves hundreds of local jobs.

The Executive also vowed to continue working to fight the closure of the Broome Developmental Center.