I have been listening to music ever since my dear old Mom hummed "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to me before I was born.  For more than two decades I played country music, "loud and proud," in the headphones at WDOS Radio.  For a number of years I actually sang in nightclubs in the Los Angeles area back in the early 1970s.  My singing in the shower on the Gong Show has stretched its own 15-minutes of fame to more than 30 years.

My own preference is jazz vocals.  If I want to unwind at home give me Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Billy Eckstein or Diana Krall.  R&B groups like the 1970s soul groups The Spinners, The Temptations, The Ojays, The Chi Lites and others make up the preponderance of my own music collection.  I have seen more than 100 live concerts. I enjoy Johnny Mathis, Kelly Clarkson, George Strait, Daniel O'Donnell, Aretha Franklin, Lawrence Welk, The Doobie Brothers, Johnny Cash and The Clancy Brothers. Nice mix, huh?

So, yes, I have listened to my share of music over the years.  And every once in a while, not often, but once in a while I hear something that takes me by surprise.  That catches me off guard.  That speaks to me.  That moves me.

A listener just sent me this video of a young man from England named Sam Thomas Longford Robson.  He sings a gospel classic, "How Great Thou Art."  Alone.

This is an awe-inspiring acapella performance.  Watch it and turn your speakers way up.  You will see 9 images of Sam.  Each one catches him recording a different part of the song's harmony.  He does them all.  Tenor, bass, soprano, lead, etc.  He recorded this song nine times.  Watch him.

The song starts very slow, so stay with it.  Watch his face and listen to his voice.  It seems almost impossible that all of this wondrous noise is coming from one skinny, big-haired young man.  I have rarely heard passion like this.  As the emotion builds in this song you will find yourself getting carried away.  It is intensely moving.

It doesn't happen very often, but this song really touched me.  This young man has a gift.  I encourage you to share this with your friends.  Especially those who might need "a little lift in their lives."

Old time Gospel music is really not my thing and I have listened to very little of it over the decades.  But this song just shook me.

Watch it and be amazed.  And remember, everything you hear is coming from one single young man.

And watch him sing the lead part in the center square of the top row.  Especially at the end.  That final 30-second note is pretty spectacular!