Jennifer Morris, 27, of Walton, was arrested late Monday in connection to several Facebook threats made against Walton school children over the weekend.

Police believe she was behind the Facebook accounts under the names "Cody Farwell" and "Cody Haha F", among others, that sent harassing messages and posted threatening updates last weekend.

Police also allege Morris hacked into several residents' Facebook accounts to send more harassing messages.

Morris was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, arraigned Monday night in village court and taken to the Delaware County Jail on $10,000 bail, according to a press release from the Walton Police Department. The release also stated that additional charges were pending.

Over a dozen children in Walton were the subject of harassing messages on Facebook. Residents said the messages contained photos of dead children.

The school was placed on a lock out Monday, meaning no one is allowed to enter the building. Students who were already in the school functioned as normal, according to high school principal Mike McDonald.

"District-wide, we have the building secured from the exterior, increased security precautions that way as far as any entrances into the building, but we are functioning normally within the walls of the building," he said on Monday. "Locked down is everyone is locked in the rooms. This is more of a lock out environment. The school can function inside, but all exterior doors and windows are secured and access is limited."

Walton Central School saw a dip in attendance Monday as a result of the threats, according to District Superintendent George Mack.

The threats began Saturday on Facebook under the account "Cody Farwell", which was still active Monday morning. This account published and spread graphic images of dead children and threatened two lives with a public status update.


Also active was an account under the name "Cody Haha F", which had made several threats over the weekend.