Due to my geographical location you probably think that I'm welling up with Big Blue tears doing all I can to not have them drop into my bowl of Frosted Flakes.

The Giants are now 0-4 after being crushed by Kansas City, 31-7. It's the first time the G-Men have been in this precarious position in over 25 years. But that's perfectly fine by me.

Despite growing up in Central New York, the Giants, Jets and Bills just did not do it for me. As a 6-year-old kid that proudly wore husky jeans, I went about as far away as I possibly could with my football allegiance and I have been a proud member of the 12th man family ever since.

The Seattle Seahawks have caused me years of anguish but it's been well worth it as I would not trade in the good Green and Blue moments for anything. Don't look now, but for the first time in their 37 years and my 37 years, the Hawks are 4-0.

It was anything but easy as Seattle spotted the Texans a 20-3 lead in hot Houston this week. It was a somber mood at Seahawks central New York headquarters, A.K.A, my dad's house.

I couldn't take the deficit for long, so I sneaked upstairs to watch, and the Seahawks started slowly coming back. The superstitions took over and my 11-year-old son banished me from coming downstairs thinking that the change of my viewing location may just do the trick. And my gosh it did!

Seahawks stunned Houston in overtime, 23-20, and 4-0 was dancing in my head all the way home on the one hour trek from Little Falls to Oneonta.

As I drove Main Street and I saw a man that looked just like the late actor Victor French, best remembered for his "Highway to Heaven" role, I thought maybe it was a sign. Is there an angel guiding the Hawks to this 4-0 start? Then I remembered Victor French played the human, while Micheal Landon was the angel!

Time to get a grip Malanoski, it's only a quarter into the season, but for the moment I will enjoy this historic 4-0 start. I feel for you Big Blue. No, not at all. Go Hawks!