Despite Leo "The Lip" Durocher's proclamation that "good guys finish last," we can now declare that untrue!

"Good Guy" Rich Murphy, who has been involved with Oneonta's Little League for over three decades, was honored on the 2014 season opening.

The minor league field has been named in Rich Murphy's honor.  The major league field will remain the Doc Knapp Field.  Opening Day was a day filled with excitement, parades, ball games and emotion as the city of Oneonta celebrated the 60th opening day for Little League. Just a few months after a wave of vandalism almost sank Doc Knapp field, the playing field and dugouts were in fantastic shape for this special day.  Much thanks to the whole community for making this day possible.

Congratulations to Rich Murphy...a champion in every sense of the word!

Oneonta Little League President Bill Erario (L) and George Wells, Townsquare Radio GM, cut the ribbon on the new dugout
The result of many volunteer hours....a brand new dugout!