While taking a stroll during the 4th of July festivities this week,  I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the Veterans Memorial Walkway is in Neahwa Park.

A couple of years ago the walkway was redesigned, some old trees were taken down and landscaping and park benches were installed.  The result is a lovely, peaceful contemplative place.  The plaques dedicated to our various military services are polished and attractive, the flags were whipping briskly in the stiff breeze, the plantings were lush and beautiful and the back drop of Hodges Pond was quite stunning.

I was pleased to see so many folks strolling with children, relaxing on the wrought iron benches or just taking in the view from the walkway.  I believe any city in Upstate New York, big or small, would be pleased to have such a wonderful place as our Veterans Memorial Walkway in their midst.

A big tip of the hat to Steve Andrews, parks and recreation head, and his crew for really making this whole area in the park shine!