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Triality Reality's Weekly Mantra: Life mirrors my every thought. As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings me only good experiences.

Cindy Staffin

Cindy’s personalexperiences, natural abilities and trainings have gifted her with an understanding of how to transform a life of despair into a life of purpose and joy.  Cindy sees clients in her office in Oneonta, New York and also offers phone readings as well as distant healing sessions.  She is a member of the “Nurture Your Spirit!” practitioner group which offers a variety of modalities to the public every month in Oneonta.  Cindy serves on committees that promote holistic living and spiritual awareness and has been a member of the Mind Body Spirit Collective of Oneonta since its inception.

“Cindy does not dabble and does not offer broad strokes and generalities. Instead, she identifies the issues, names the circumstance and creates a time line. In my search for peace from the madness that was consuming me, I found Cindy who is a genuine, gifted spirit. As she led me through the reading, I followed her as I would a light in the dark. She was accurate, detailed and gentle. Truths were revealed and quietly, the weight shifted and I could feel the peace that had settled within me. I’ve had other readings, but this was different, because Cindy’s gift is a part of her humanity. Her work is an affirmation of love. ”
Madelyn – Long Island