20 years in prison and 5 years of post release supervision. That was the sentence handed down yesterday in Otsego County Court to The Middlefield man that shot and killed his father Joseph Buck in September 2013. 33 year old Michael Buck recently requested to change his previous plea of guilty but withdrew that request yesterday. Authorities say the father and son engaged in a shootout in the stairwell of their Middlefield home after an argument. Police say Twenty-six shots were fired in all. Joseph Buck fired only once, hitting his son in the mouth. Michael Buck fired the rest.

Also, 62 year old Barry Renert pled guilty yesterday in Otsego County Court to one charge of 2nd degree burglary just moments before jury selection was about to begin for Renerts trial. According to authorities, Renert, entered the Seventh Inning Stretch memorabilia store in Cooperstown in December armed with a 9mm Glock handgun. Renert, a former employee at the store, confronted the Seventh Inning Stretch owner and displayed the firearm. The owner then produced a handgun of his own and fired at Renert. Renert was arrested in Virginia that night, and extradited to New York soon after. Under the plea agreement Renert agreed to Monday morning, he will be sentenced to 15 years in prison plus three years post-release supervision. Formal sentencing for Renert is scheduled for October 24th in Otsego County Court.