Liberace was one of the most popular entertainers of the twentieth century.  He was a television pioneer and one of the biggest concert draws in history,.  He led a flamboyant life filled with Rolls Royces, furs, diamonds and outlandish costumes.  He was truly a legendary figure.

He was also a 57 year old gay man involved in a romantic relationship with a 17 year old admirer, Scott Thorson.  Their love affair lasted six years.  It is this relationship that is the basis of the movie "Behind the Candleabra" which will air on HBO in May.

The first photos of the cast in action have surfaced and they are great.  At first, the casting of Michael Douglas as the flamboyant Liberace seemed misguided.  But after seeing the photos of him in character i think it is a great choice.  Actor Matt Damon, young and matinee handsome, is perfect as the love object Thorsen.

And look at the rest of the cast:  Rob Lowe, Paul Reiser, Dan Aykroyd, and Scott Bakula.

A key part of Liberace's life was his deep and loving relationship with his mother Frances.  Frances was a strong supporter of her son' career and in fact, she even gained the spotlight in a near tragic way in 1957.  She was in the backyard of her Los Angeles home when she was attacked and beaten by two masked men.  She survived and was protected by armed guards (provided by her son) for the rest of her life.

In a master stroke of casting genius, screen legend DEBBIE REYNOLDS has been signed to play Liberace's mother in the movie.