Peter Clark Student Rentals staff is dedicated to providing both a safe and fun environment for all their residents. They take pride in having the best customer service available with their highly trained and motivated staff. All of their apartments meet NYS codes, as well as the rigid standards set by their company as a whole. They will be happy to accommodate any student’s and commercial business owners needs throughout each semester/year!

Testimonials from Students:

“Everyone at Peter Clark is very friendly and they will help you through the whole process of finding what kind of apartment suits you best. I lived at 169 for two semesters and everything you need is there including extremely fast repair service if anything went wrong. Highly recommend to students.”
- Shane L., 169 Main Street #2C

“I rent from Peter Clark and the apartment is awesome. Work gets done properly and on time. Everyone is very understanding and easy to talk to.”
-Chris M., 9 Tilton Street, #1