Assemblyman Cliff Crouch expressed his concerns Thursday about a leaked memo that was sent from the Division of Criminal Justice Services for a new, taxpayer-funded gun tip hotline program, targeted at upstate New York.

The memo, which was sent by the DCJS, received by the State Association of Chiefs of Police and then distributed to relevant parties. It offers a $500 reward for those who turn in individuals who may possess illegal weapons, and it also promotes an aggressive ad campaign in upstate New York. Crouch questioned the timing and objectives of this new program.

According to DCJS, this tip hotline has existed for over a year and was a program for New York City to combat gang violence and illegal firearms.

Crouch argued that since there have been no amendments to the NY SAFE Act, which was pushed hastily through the legislature without a public hearing or relevant input, many of the weapons classified under this measure would be considered illegal if not registered by certain dates.