Live in it?  Heck, I could barely stand up in it!

In 1830, this house in Alexandria, Virginia was one of two homes on an alleyway which received a lot of irritating horse-drawn wagon traffic noise and loiterers. To prevent people from using the alleyway, a Mr. Hollensbury constructed a 7-foot wide, 25-foot deep, 325-square-foot (30.2 sq m), two-story home using the existing brick walls of the adjacent homes for the sides of the new home. The brick walls of the Hollensbury Spite House living room still have gouges from wagon-wheel hubs, and the house is still standing and occupied.

Spite houses are not uncommon.  They are usually built when there is no other recourse.  A pesky neighbor, an unused lot, a long time family feud.

Are you aware of any spite houses in our area?