The Morris, N.Y. Chronicle newspaper.  Who knew?

A listener sent me this copy of The Morris Chronicle.  It came out every Thursday and this issue is dated September 2, 1966.  It says it is "Volume 100" so it must have been around for a while.

It had all the trappings of a typical local newspaper:  obituary column  local business ads, local comings and goings, a Letters to the Editor column, church schedules, and more.

Here are some of the tidbits mentioned in this edition:

The front page features a large photo (see above) of a local couple who just got married, Janet Joy and Doug Van Zandt.  They were married in Oneonta by Morris pastor Rev. Charles Walsh.

Mrs. DeForest Finch, who has been ill, has returned to work at Bresee's in Oneonta.

Ms. Johann van Hedd, the Morris Rotary Club foreign exchange student (Netherlands), was honored at a high school dance.

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Moore bought the Edward Schoepf home just below the village.

Mrs. Margaret Dutcher will teach kindergarten this year.  She received her B.A. from S.U.C.O and is now living in Morris (Peg Dutcher is the mother of our own WSRK morning gal Miss Tracie!)

A legislative rally will be held at Sidney School to talk about the new proposed NYS sales tax.  Leaders attending include Assemblymen Scott Green, Ed Mason, and Wayne Tyson.  Also attending will be the three Senatorial candidates John L. Van Woert (Oneonta), Dalwin Niles (Johnstown) and E.J. Deleski (Laurens).

Mrs. David Dalrymple announced that sixteen vendors have signed up for the Morris Antique Show.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Matteson and sons, John and James, attended the Matteson-Packer wedding in Rockdale, N.Y.

Lt. Richard Breslin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Breslin, has been named Instructor Pilot of the Month in the Air Force.

Wilber Bank in Oneonta announces new Drive-In Window service.

By the way, the editor and publisher was a man named John A. Bacon.  The cost of the paper was ten cents. You could really save some big bucks, however, if you prepaid for a yearly subscription.  The annual subscription cost was $3.00 for local residents and $3.50 for those living outside Otsego County!