For the price (about $20) this item looks like a real hit.

Using no chemicals whatsoever, LifeStraw is designed for you to simply stick it in any kind of water and sip it out.  The device eliminates 99.999% of all bacteria and impurities harmful to humans.  It is used by campers, travelers, emergency personnel (in places like earthquake torn Haiti) and others.

LifeStraw is generally not sufficient for use by large groups (a whole village. for example), but I think it is ideal to have in your backpack or car trunk for whatever emergency arises.  Time magazine called it the " Invention of the Year" in 2005.

Take a look at this video and see if you agree with me!

I have never seen this before, but if I do I am going to buy one.

Thjs looks like a BIG HIT!