James Caan is our birthday boy for today.  What a great actor.

Of course, as everybody knows, The Godfather was, is and will always be my favorite film.  It was the first big exposure for Caan on the big screen.  He played Sonny, the hotheaded oldest son of Don Corleone.  For his performance he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at that year's Academy Awards.  Many had noticed him the previous year for his acclaimed television role in the 1971 teleplay Brian's Song.

But despite my love for The Godfather, Brian's Song, Rollerball, A Bridge to Far and Honeymoon in Vegas there is another James Caan film that is my favorite of his body of work.

Misery was a big hit in 1990.  Caan co-stars with Kathy Bates in a terrifying psychological thriller that had many memorable scenes.  Who can ever forget the scene where a deranged Bates breaks both of Caan's legs to keep him prisoner.  Absolutely indelible!

Happy Birthday James Caan!