2014 Susquehanna Balloon Fest Highlights [Photos]
Did you happen to spot any hot air balloons in the Oneonta skies this past Labor Day weekend?  You certainly would have gotten an eyeful if you had gone Friday night to Neahwa Park in Oneonta for the beginning of the Susquehanna Balloon Festival...
Memorial Day In My Town [Photos]
Memorial Day parades and services were held throughout this great country of ours yesterday.  I hope you were able to attend the events in your town.  This is the third year I marched with the Morris Girls Scouts.
President Obama’s Excellent Adventure in Cooperstown!
The sharp shooters on the roof of the National Baseball Hall of Fame should have tipped you off that this was no ordinary day in "America's Most Perfect Village."
The president was coming to town.
President Barack Obama made the first ever visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame by a…

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