Dueling Gun Control Rallies Hit Albany
Dueling rallies for and against the new gun law were held at the state capital on Tuesday.
At noon, a group of roughly 75 adults and young people from the group One Million Moms for Gun Control held a press conference on the capitol’s western staircase. The group praised the passage o…
$3.6M Goes to State Food Distribution Hubs
Over $3.5 million in state funding awarded through the consolidated funding application process will be used to create food distribution hubs across the state.
Four new facilities will be funded in central New York, the Finger Lakes, Hudson valley, and the north country, in addition to an earlier foo…
Gas Prices Climb a Quarter in Under Two Weeks
A combination of high crude prices, refinery shutdowns, and early speculation has sent gas prices soaring to seasonal highs earlier than usual this year and with no signs of prices at the pump falling until spring, according to recent estimates.
Second Amendment Rally Brings 100 to Norwich
A rally to save second amendment rights brought about 100 people to Norwich to protest New York’s SAFE Act on Saturday.
Many speakers took the podium to express their thoughts on the legislation. Assemblyman Cliff Crouch spoke of a person’s constitutional right to bear…
Business Owners Seek Compromise on Minimum Wage Increase
Raising the minimum wage, a divisive partisan issue in 2012, now seems ripe for compromise.
Recent comments by some business groups and the leading Republican in the state senate indicate several opportunities to compromise on the $8.75 per hour minimum wage proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in this …

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