Today is small business Saturday.  A new nationwide "twist" this year is to try and get local celebrities in the stores helping out as "guest salespeople" for the day.  Michelle Pondolfino, owner of the Green Toad Bookstore on Main Street Oneonta said "the independent book stores of America are fully behind Small Business Saturday and we think inviting in a local celebrity is just thing thing to make it fun and exciting."

Well, I know I am fun.  Exciting?  Ask my wife.  Am I a celebrity?  Ask my kids.

Michelle asked me to be her "guest book seller" today at the Toad from noon to 2:00 pm.  So I will be there doing my part to shine the light on America's small "mom and pop stores" on Main Street and beyond today.

So stop in!  I will offer up my own book selections for your Christmas shopping list, many of these books I have reviewed on the air over the year.  I will also have a selection of my very own Upstate New York books which I would be happy to sign for you during my time at the Toad.

So see you at the Green Toad today from noon to 2 pm.  And remember...keep it local!