I hope you all enjoy your day today!  It is a day for family and friends.  After twenty-five years at WDOS I am once again working Thanksgiving morning.


Because you have all really become my family and friends after all these years.  I enjoy working on Thanksgiving morning because the audience is much different than on other days of the year.  Kids are home from college, families are in town visiting after being away for a while.  That old radio on the kitchen counter becomes extra important today as Mom and Grandma and others gather in the kitchen to prepare the big meal for the gathering later on.  And I like to be on that radio keeping them company!

So to all my friends at WDOS, WDLA and WCHN....have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  I know I will!

And besides..on what other day can you really serve and enjoy a cranberry candle (gulp).