This is almost the perfect movie.  The cast is sterling and Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning book is a gut-wrenching yet tender look at life in the Jim Crow south of the 1930s.  The scenes whirl from the typical small kitchen we all remember from our Grandmother's house, to the lush woods where we all played with our neighbor kids, to the stores and buildings that made up the small town America of our lives.

A crime takes place...but who committed it?  That is the nut we must crack in this insightful look at suspicions, lies, and assumptions gone awry.  While Gregory Peck is nothing less than towering in the pivotal role of attorney Atticus Finch, there are many other acting gems that blaze briefly and brilliantly in this "perfect film."

Watch for the film debut of a young Robert Duvall as the creepy and misunderstood neighbor Boo Radley.  Mary Badham as "Scout" was nominated for an Oscar for her performance, and she was only ten years old!  And of course one of the most searing performances comes from the mesmerizing Brock Peters who plays Tom Robinson the man falsely accused of rape.  When he takes the stand there is no breath in your lungs left to breathe.  It is that tense.

Young Collin Wilcox made one of her only film appearances in this film.  She shone as she played Mayella Ewell the emotionally fragile accuser.

The American Film Institute calls "To Kill a Mockingbird" the 25th greatest film ever made.

I give it "Four Meatballs" highest honor!

Find It!  Rent It!  Watch It!