You may have heard something about a Townsquare Media event that's coming up on January 26th from 6pm to 9pm at the Holiday Inn, Rt. 23, Southside Oneonta.  It's our "Fifty Shades Ladies Night Out".

Ladies, I have 10 reasons why you need to be at this event. 

  1. You’ve been hearing about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and need to finally find out what the heck that is!
  2. Why wait for Valentines Day to spice up your love life?
  3. It will take your mind off our Upstate NY winter weather
  4. It’s a fun and unique night out with your gal pals that will generate great conversation for weeks to come
  5. You can check this one off on your bucket list
  6. Gets you away from your football obsessed husband for the night
  7. Gets you away from your whiny kids for a night
  8. It’s better than watching paint dry
  9. Saturday night is the worst night in TV anyway, so you might as well go out
  10. What else do you have to do?